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How Wireless Alarm Systems Work

One of the best home security products being offered to homeowners today are wireless alarm systems. Not only are wireless alarm systems the most affordable, easiest, and the fastest way to get your home protected—they are the most popular with families today. Most people love the fact that wireless installations are not only seamless, they make for a very clean alarm installation. This also makes wireless alarm systems a great option for renters, or anyone else who does not want wire ran around their apartment or home.

Wireless Alarm Equipment Features

Wireless alarm systems work pretty much the same way wired alarm systems do. There is a control panel, keypad, power supply, battery back-up, alarm devices; and may include other alarm components such as a wireless receiver, RJ31X Jack for your telephone connection, or a cellular radio. Wireless alarm systems are also very popular due to the fact they are the easiest to add features to and upgrade. There are also many new and exciting wireless products that are frequently being introduced to the market each year. A wireless alarm system is a great choice for the tech savvy consumer or for those who enjoy convenient features such as wireless keypads, wireless medical buttons, or any other wireless devices.

Hardwired vs Wireless Alarms

What sets wireless alarm systems apart from hardwired alarm systems, is the fact that the system requires almost no wiring to be ran during the installation. The minimal wire that does get ran for a wireless alarm installation is limited to a power wire, keypad wire, and a phone wire. However, these days even most of that wiring can be eliminated with wireless keypads and cellular radios. Instead of wire being ran to individual alarm devices, wireless devices are simply mounted with double-stick tape or screws. There is never a need to drill unnecessary holes in walls or rip up carpeting for a wireless alarm system installation.

Versatile & Affordable

Many people think that since wireless alarm systems offer so many options and convenience, that they will be more expensive than their hardwired counterparts. These people are pleasantly surprised once they find out just how affordable owning a wireless alarm system can be. And since the wireless system itself is affordable, many people find that they can afford extra options that they might not have been able to afford with a wired system. Extra wireless options such as carbon monoxide detectors, smoke detectors, and medical buttons are only some of the many popular features being offered today. These features will not only protect a home in the event of a burglary, but also against carbon monoxide poisoning, a fire, and even a medical emergency.

Wireless alarm systems are a great burglary deterrent, but they are even better when they are monitored. Having a monitored wireless alarm system installed in your home will make your home less likely to be broken into. Some studies suggest that a home with a monitored alarm system is three times less likely to be burglarized than one that does not have one. Isn’t it time you got yours? If affordable and convenient home security is what you want, wireless home alarm systems are your answer.

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