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Teach Your Children About Home Security & Alarm Systems

When you have kids (or even just children on a visit), keeping your home secure is even more important – and even more challenging. Not only do you have to be concerned about simple things with smaller kids – childproofing electrical outlets and stairs, for example – but you have to be concerned about unwanted visitors getting in while the kids are there, as well as whether or not the children in your house have a full understanding of how to keep your (or their) home safe.

Don’t Let Your Children Answer the Door

Whereas adults have a firm understanding about why it’s important to do things like lock doors and ask who’s knocking before allowing entry to a stranger, smaller children may not appreciate these dangers. It’s always a good idea to explain to your kids that, at least until they’re in their mid-teens, they should always be careful about who they answer the door to and how they answer the phone. Remind them that instead of saying their parents aren’t home, they should reply that Mom or Dad is “busy and can’t come to the phone right now,” and if a number and message are left they’ll reply as soon as they can.

House Keys & Alarm Codes

Unless one parents stays at home with the kids, there is also the chance that younger children may need their own keys to let themselves into the house – and if you have a home security system, you may find that you need to entrust your child with the pass code to disarm your alarm if they’re going to be arriving at home when there is not an adult present.

This can present a dilemma to parents who want to practice good basic security practice – frequently changing their passwords to burglar alarms and home alarm systems, as children may have difficulty remembering changing sequences of numbers.

Work with Your Home Security Company

It’s also important that your home security or alarm company understand that there are children in the house and that this may cause unintended alarm tripping. A good residential security company will work with you to come up with a strategy that keeps both your home and your children safe. Even if this impacts your home security system pricing, it’s worth the extra expense for your peace of mind and your childrens’ (and home’s) safety.

As children grow older, parents may find they have more latitude in how their home security companies manage their burglar alarms and other home protection components, and at this point it’s important to re-open a dialogue with your security as well as investigate other options for residential security systems.

Talk to your children about home security systems, burglar alarms, fire safety, and other things that can make a difference to their and your home’s security during an emergency. Help your children practice passwords, and make sure they have the opportunity to meet with representatives from your residential security company.

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