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Home Security Devices FAQ

Keeping our home safe from intruders is a worry many of us have on our minds each day. Using the proper home security devices will ensure that our homes are kept safe and secure from unsuspecting burglars or if a fire should break out when we are not there—or worse—if we are at home asleep. There are tons of new home security devices on the market today that can help us keep our homes safer and more secure; and they don’t stop at just protecting homes from a burglary or fire. Let’s take a look:

Are there any home security devices that protect against the threat of carbon monoxide poisoning?
Yes. There are many carbon monoxide detectors on the market today that can help keep families safe from carbon monoxide poisoning. There are hardwired and wireless carbon monoxide detectors on the market today that can be easily added on to most home security systems. Carbon monoxide poisoning in a home is preventable, and having these affordable home security devices in our homes has become a necessity.

I have cats that love to claw at my wired burglar alarm screens and damage them. Having screens rewired is not cheap. Is there something else on the market that can protect my windows in the event of a burglary?
Having each individual screen in your home wired is a great way to protect your home. You are correct, it can also be expensive. Not only does it cost money to have your screens wired, it also costs to have them rewired or repaired when damaged. Cats love to claw at screens and damage them. This results in false alarms and expensive alarm service calls. Home security devices that would be ideal in this situation would be adding glass break detectors to your home security system. These home security devices can detect the sound of broken glass and can cover several windows at a time. Glass break detectors are an affordable solution for many homeowners who want to cover their windows, but do not want or can not have their individual screens wired.

My neighbor is able to arm and disarm her alarm from outside of her home. What home security devise will allow me to do that as well?
There are many security devices being offered today that will allow you to arm and disarm your alarm from outside of your home. These home security devices are referred to as key fobs and look similar to a car remote. Key fobs can be added to most wireless home security systems. Not only can you arm and disarm your alarm with a wireless key fob, some key fobs can also be programmed with a panic button for added security.

What home security devices can I have installed that can protect the interior of my home, but will not trip every time my dog walks by it?
It sounds like pet immune motion detectors are the answer to your question. Having non-pet immune motion detectors in a home with pets is just asking for false alarms. PI motion detectors are one the best and most popular home security devices available for homeowners today. Even if you have a large dog, or multiple pets, adjustments can be made to ensure that your pets do not get picked up by them. Don’t worry, the pet immune motion detectors will still be able to tell the difference between your pets and a real intruder.

There are tons of unique home security devices being introduced to the home security industry every single day. With greater technology, comes more of the latest and the greatest home security devices available for homeowners everywhere to enjoy. Browse home security products from the nations largest home security companies to decide what will work best in your home.

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