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Georgia has had explosive population growth in the 21st century. The state, once troubled by racism and extensive crime, is attempting to turn over a new leaf. Cities like Atlanta have become major economic centers in the US, as Fortune 500 companies flock to setup headquarters there. The state is also important because of the amount of agriculture taking place there. Known for its peaches, the “Peach State” also harvests peanuts, pecans, and vegetables.

Despite the state’s improvements in infrastructure and economic strength, Georgia still has not been able eliminate its extensive problems with crime. Due to much higher than average crime rates, Georgia residents are strongly recommended to purchase home security systems from trusted vendors.

Compare Home Security Companies in Albany, GA

Albany, GA has the distinction of being one of America’s poorest cities. This city is the ninth largest in the state, and is located in the southwest portion of Georgia. In the 1980s, Albany was the “Murder Capital of America,” and, while the state no longer has the highest murder rate nationally, violent and property crime are still major issues in the city. Purchase an alarm system in Albany, GA today!

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Compare Home Security Companies in Athens, GA

Athens, Georgia is a typical Southern college town that is an important cultural landmark for the state. Home to the University of Georgia, Athens attracts a younger population with its abundance of nightlife. While Athens has lower crime rates than much of the rest of the state, it still has about average crime rates nationally, making a home alarm system a good purchase.

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Compare Home Security Companies in Atlanta, GA

Sometimes called the “City in the Forest,” Atlanta is a scenic big city naturally filled with trees. Georgia’s capital has a strong economy backed by Fortune 500 companies. The airport there is also the world’s busiest. Despite the city’s economic and cultural strength, it has one of the highest crime rates for a city of its size, making home alarms an advisable purchase.

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Compare Home Security Companies in Augusta, GA

Augusta, Georgia is the second largest city in the state. Augusta is situated alongside the Savannah River, and has a splendid downtown historical district. As a city, it is primarily known for hosting the The Masters at the Augusta National Golf Club. Despite its prestigious reputation, Augusta has experience a rise in crime rates in recent years, necessitating home alarm systems for many of its residents.

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Compare Home Security Companies in Columbus, GA

Columbus, Georgia is a large city located south of Atlanta near the Alabama border. In 2009, Columbus was voted the 4th best place to live in America. Fort Benning is the city’s largest employer, and Columbus maintains a sizable military presence. Columbus has a very high crime rate for a city of its size, which supports the purchase of a home alarm system for families there.

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Compare Home Security Companies in Johns Creek, GA

Johns Creek is a small suburb of Atlanta that was only just incorporated in 2006. This suburb has Atlanta’s only professional symphony orchestra, and is known for hosting an annual food festival. The city has very low crime rates, especially compared to neighboring Atlanta. Because of Johns Creek’s general safety, security systems are optional, but beneficial, for those living there.

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Compare Home Security Companies in Macon, GA

Macon, Georgia is the largest city in central Georgia. It has several colleges and universities, and, thus, a large student population. Not to mention, the city has a rich music history, including being the home of the Otis Redding. Unfortunately, Macon has one of the highest crime rates for a city of its size, and homeowners are advised to purchase security systems to safeguard their families.

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Compare Home Security Companies in Roswell, GA

Roswell, Georgia is a small suburb located north of Atlanta. Like many cities in Georgia, Roswell has been growing in population steadily for several decades. Unlike many Georgia cities, Roswell is known for its low crime rates, making it an excellent place to raise a family. Roswell families should still consider alarm systems to further protect their property.

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Compare Home Security Companies in Sandy Springs, GA

Like Roswell, Sandy Springs is a northern suburb of Atlanta. Sandy Springs is known for its wealth, with the median income being nearly $130,000 for families. The city ranks below average in the state for crime rates, though many families will still benefit from home security system installations.

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Compare Home Security Companies in Savannah, GA

Savannah, Georgia is another historic city in the South, home to the Telfair Academy of Arts and Sciences – the region’s first museum. Savannah is also an important seaport and industrial center. Savannah has higher than average crime rates, and citizens should consider purchasing a security system as a result.

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