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Garage Door Security for Homeowners

Garage Door Security
When it comes to garage door security, too many homeowners fall painfully short, forgetting that the garage is one of the major access points to the rest of the home. Failing to properly secure the entrance to your garage is as risky as going to sleep with the back door unlocked, or not bothering to use the complicated alarm system sitting in the living room. While few people would be willing to take chances with their family’s safety by living in a home door and window locks, it’s unfortunately commonplace for suburban homeowners to overlook the importance of making certain they have a more reliable system of garage door security than simply rolling down the door.

Once a burglar has gained access to your garage, it doesn’t set off a red flag or attract the same sort of attention as, say, someone climbing in your dining room window. People are used to seeing a garage door standing open while people come and go, or load things into vehicles. Unless the activity is taking place at 3 AM, there’s not much to call suspicion to the scene, and most passers-by won’t give it a second thought, much less call the police. For this reason, once a thief gains access to the home through a lack of proper garage door security, he is virtually home free. Your best line of defense is to make sure a potential intruder never gets that opportunity.

Garage Security Tips

There are two important components to making sure your home is not easily accessible through an unprotected car port: the door itself, and the automatic opener used to control access to your garage, and by extension, your home. Proper garage door security involves making sure that neither component is vulnerable, discouraging a would-be intruder, and sending him in search of an easier target.

For a criminal, timing is of the utmost importance. If he takes too long to gain access to your home, or becomes too conspicuous, he risks getting caught. The risks associated with burglary are high, so criminals look for the easiest opportunity with the lowest risk factor. Here are a few things you can to enhance garage door security, and keep yourself from becoming a victim:

  • Simply remembering to lock the garage door properly and keeping the automatic opener in a place that’s inaccessible to thieves is often enough to deter a criminal. Too many people remember to roll down the door without turning the lock, or keep the automatic opener in plain sight in their car. This is an especially foolish mistake, particularly if your vehicle is parked in front of the garage, rather than safely locked inside.
  • Choose a keychain remote opener. There’s no safer place for your automatic opener than actually keeping it with you, and protecting it as you would a house key.
  • Cover your garage door windows, or spray them to make certain nobody can see inside. Thieves don’t like uncertainty, so creating doubt is a great way to enhance garage door security.
  • Install a deadbolt between your home and the garage. Restricting access from one to the other will minimize damage if an intruder does access the property.

Garage door security isn’t a complex matter; in fact, it’s largely a matter of common sense. While it may be tempting to view your home as your personal oasis, a place where you don’t always need to be alert to danger, a lax approach to protecting your castle can quickly spell disaster. Increasing your home’s level of garage door security is a simple improvement that goes a long way toward keeping your home, your possessions, and your family safe from the outside world.

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