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Brinks Changes Name to Broadview Security

Brinks Home Security is a name that has been known and trusted in the home security industry for years. In June 2009, The Brinks Company announced that Brinks Home Security would now become Broadview Security. Along with the name change, came a round of marketing for the new company name and brand. Soon after Brinks Home Security became Broadview Security, advertisements and television commercials were in full spin. Even though the name has changed,  the company is committed to providing the same quality service as it always has. While it is sad to see a name like Brinks Home Security go away, Broadview Security promises to keep offering the exceptional service that made Brinks Home Security such a success.

Broadview Security offers quality and affordable home security systems. Currently there are more than 1.3 million satisfied Broadview Security customers in the US and Canada. Not only does Broadview Security offer user-friendly home security systems, a standard Broadview Security installed home alarm system can cost as low as $49. A premium Broadview Security installation costs as low as $155.  At prices this low, there is no longer a need to keep your home unprotected anymore. If you currently have a limited budget, consider getting a standard Broadview Home Security system installed. Later, when your budget allows, you can always upgrade your system. Broadview Security makes upgrading your existing system easy and affordable. What is important is that you have some kind of home security protection installed in your home, rather than no protection at all.

All equipment that is installed by Broadview Security is rigorously tested and must meet high standards before it can even make it out into the field. Not too many home security companies stick to these high standards. Another advantage that a Broadview Security home alarm system has is that they use Underwriters Laboratories (UL) certified and tested equipment. Having UL certified devices installed in your home means that your home is being protected with the highest quality home security equipment. Whether you choose to get a standard system with a keypad, a couple of door and window sensors, and siren; or a premium installation with more features such as flex switches and smart key wireless remotes, you can have confidence knowing that Broadview Security used only the highest quality equipment in your home.

Not only does Broadview Security offer high-quality home security installations, they offer award-winning alarm monitoring as well. Broadview Security provides their customers with alarm monitoring by experienced and trained professionals employed by Broadview Security—and not by any third-party company. No matter what time of day or night, you can feel safe knowing a leader in the home security industry is protecting your home, whether you are there or away.

Even though a name like Brinks Home Security will always be known as a leader in the home security industry, Broadview Security is proving that they take the business of securing your home very seriously. With home security being a main concern for homeowners today, there is no better time than now to get a Broadview Security system installed in your home. You owe it to yourself to protect your home and family with the best home security company out there. Broadview Security is one of the best and can offer your family peace of mind with their state-of-the-art home security systems that are not only the highest quality, but affordable too.

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