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Basement Window Security
Basement Window Security

This window would benefit from a more modern wireless window security system.

Good basement window security is vital to preventing burglars from breaking into your home via the basement. Unsecured basement windows often give intruders an easy access point into the home, but homeowners tend to overlook these windows when implementing security plans for the rest of the house. This is especially true in situations where a basement is unfinished or is being used only for storage purposes, and thus basement window security is an essential part of any home security systems guide.

Homeowners have numerous options for bolstering basement window security regardless of how the basement is being used. One of the most convenient options is to include basement windows when signing up for a home alarm monitoring service. Almost all home security companies these days offer basement window monitoring options as part of their broader home service coverage.

The same kind of intrusion alarms, glass-break sensors and motion detectors that are used to secure exterior doors and windows can be easily used to boost basement window security. Most companies that offer wireless home security systems provide decals and yard signs that can be used to let intruders know that the home is protected by a professional security services company.

In addition, homeowners have several other relatively easy options for basement window security.

Install Bars or Grills Across Basement Windows

One way to make it harder for thieves to break-in via a basement window is to install security bars or grills across the windows. However, care needs to be taken to ensure that the security bars or grills do not prevent those living inside the home to exit via a basement window in the event of a fire or other emergency.

Install a Security Film over Basement Windows

If aesthetics is a concern for you, or if local laws prevent you from installing burglar bars and grills across your basement windows, consider using security film to protect your basement windows. Window security films are designed to hold a window together even if a thief succeeds in shattering the glass.

Consider Using Alternate Material for Basement Windows

Polycarbonate sheeting and glass blocks are great material for enhancing basement window security. Polycarbonate sheets, produced by companies like Gallina, look largely like glass but are much tougher and much more resilient to shattering than glass. Similarly, glass blocks are not only incredibly resistant to shattering, they are also more stylish and practical than glass. Traditional solid glass blocks are translucent in nature and can enhance light and privacy inside the basement.

Make It Harder for Thieves to Conceal Themselves Near Basement Windows

Most basement windows are only half visible from the ground level. Often, the windows are obscured by shrubs, trees or other forms of landscaping. This often makes it easy for thieves to conceal themselves while they attempt to break into your house. So, one way to enhance basement window security is to make it harder for a potential burglar to hide near a basement window.

A basement window might not be the first thing that springs to mind when you think about home security. However, remember that these windows give burglars an easy way to gain access to not just the basement – but to your entire home. So, make basement window security a priority when considering security measures for your home.

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