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Arkansas is a Southern US state just north of Louisiana. Known for its diverse landscape, the state’s regions vary from large mountainous regions to vast lowlands. Forests and rivers are abundant, and the Mississippi River crosses through the state along the eastern border. The abundant rain and fertile soil make this state a great place to grow crops and raise livestock, chicken farms are particularly popular in Arkansas. Arkansas does not have the abundant populations of other Southern states. Though the state’s population dropped throughout the first half of the 20th century, its population count has been steadily rising since the 1960s. Unlike other Southern states, Arkansas’s population is largely Democratic, though this trend is reversing. Historically, this may have been the result of local resident Bill Clinton winning the presidency in 1992. Unfortunately for Arkansas residents, property crime rates in several local cities are some of the highest in the nation. Arkansas home security companies are essential for combatting property theft and vandalism.

Compare Home Security Companies in Bentonville, AR

Bentonville is a small Arkansas city located in the far northwest corner of the state. Historically, Bentonville was known for its apple and poultry farms up until Walmart opened its headquarters there in 1970. Recently, this has led to a huge influx of residents to the area. Bentonville is one of the safest cities in Arkansas, with crime rates much lower than the national average. Still, home security systems can help homeowners in the rare case of a home invasion or vandalism.

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Compare Home Security Companies in Conway, AR

Conway is the seventh most populous city in the state of Arkansas. Located in the central portion of the state, Conway was, originally, the site of Conway Station, a small railroad station. Today, the heart of Conway is in the downtown area, which has undergone major renovations in the past decade. The crime rate in Conway is above average overall, but citizens can install home alarm systems to protect their families.

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Compare Home Security Companies in Fayetteville, AR

Despite having a total population of just over 70,000 people, Fayetteville, Arkansas is the third largest city in the state. The main attraction of Fayetteville is the University of Arkansas, the state’s premier educational facility, with an enrollment of about 23,000 students. Walmart, based in nearby Bentonville, is a major contributor to the university and the town overall. The crime rate in Fayetteville is about the national average. However, homeowners and families may want to purchase security systems to best protect themselves.

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Compare Home Security Companies in Fort Smith, AR

Fort Smith, Arkansas is the second largest city in the state. Dating back to its roots, Fort Smith has always been a city with a strong military presence. Fort Chaffee is the most recent and modern military fort used for training purposes in the city. Residents of the city have the advantage of having, according to Forbes, the lowest cost of living in the US. On the other hand, Fort Smith has one of the highest property crime rates for a city its size in the nation. Residents should always consider installing a security system in every home.

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Compare Home Security Companies in Jonesboro, AR

Jonesboro is a moderately sized city in the northeastern section of the state of Arkansas. The third largest university in the state, Arkansas State University, is located in the city. ASU, as the school name is abbreviated, has been in the city for over a hundred years. The city also has a claim to fame because it is the site of the popular True Grit film and novel. Like several other Arkansas cities, Jonesboro has crime rates that exceed the national average. Citizens are advised to purchase home security systems from reliable alarm companies.

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Compare Home Security Companies in Little Rock, AR

Little Rock is the capital and, by far, the largest city in the state of Arkansas. The city is a major business center in the South, and is home to the headquarters of companies like Dillard’s. Little Rock also has a strong cultural center, complete with many tributes to the city’s own former governor and former US President Bill Clinton, who lived in the city for a time with his wife, Hillary. Though Little Rock has long been a popular place to live in the South, the city has the third highest property crime rate of any city near its size. Home security companies in the city can help families protect their households and property today!

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Compare Home Security Companies in North Little Rock, AR

North Little Rock is a moderate sized suburb just across the Arkansas River from Little Rock. The city dates back to the turn of the 20th century. Several historic buildings remain from North Little Rock’s establishment. The downtown area also hosts several sports facilities, including an indoor football arena. Like neighboring Little Rock, North Little Rock has a very high crime rate; in fact, it is the second worst for any city of its size in the US.

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Compare Home Security Companies in Pine Bluff, AR

Pine Bluff, Arkansas is a small city of just 50,000 residents about 45 miles south of Little Rock. The city is most commonly associated with its agricultural ventures, which include cotton, soybeans, timber, and catfish. Because of the large timber production there, paper manufacturing is also an important part of the city’s economy. Fishing is a popular pastime in the region, particularly, bass fishing.

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Compare Home Security Companies in Rogers, AR

Rogers, Arkansas is a small, but quickly growing, city in the Fayetteville-Rogers-Springdale Metropolitan Area. Rogers has experienced population growth in every decade since the 1940s. Thanks to its nationally ranked public school district, the city has been known as a top place to raise children. Numerous parks dot the landscape, making the city an attractive place to live. Though the crime rate in Rogers hovers just above the national average, citizens are still recommended to install home security systems to enjoy their inherent conveniences and safety features.

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Compare Home Security Companies in Springdale, AR

Springdale, Arkansas is the state’s fourth largest city, and the second largest in northwest Arkansas. Springdale is part of the Fayetteville-Rogers-Springdale Metropolitan Area. Due to Tyson Foods Inc.’s headquarters in the city, the city has been declared the “Chicken Capital of the World.” Tyson Food Inc. is the world’s largest supplier of meat, and the world’s second largest supplier of food. Compare to many other sizable Arkansas cities, Springdale has a particularly low crime rate. Still, home alarm systems often offer additional benefits, such as smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors, that make them beneficial regardless of the threat of crime in the local area.

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