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Alarm Monitoring Basics

We all want to do whatever we can to keep our families safe and our homes secure. Alarm monitoring is one of the best tools to help us do just that. A monitored home alarm system can be our lifeline in situations like home invasions, burglaries, carbon monoxide poisoning, fires, and medical emergencies. With advances in home security technology, alarm monitoring has become key in the protection of our families and our valuables more than ever before.

Alarm Monitoring a Necessity

In the past, alarm monitoring was considered more of a luxury service to have. Nowadays, millions of families, no matter where they live, are trusting their home security in the hands of alarm monitoring companies. Why? Because it has been proven that a home with a monitored home security system is less likely to suffer losses resulting from a burglary than a home without one would sustain. Families who have a home security system combined with alarm monitoring have a sense of security like no other. They do not share the same fears that a family without a monitored home security has. They know that if someone attempts to enter their home while they are away, their alarm monitoring center will act swiftly. Seconds count in home burglaries. A good alarm monitoring company will make the appropriate calls when an alarm signal is received, and will have the proper authorities to your home in no time.

Enjoy Added Security & Peace of Mind

Parents also enjoy the flexibility of certain features alarm monitoring has to offer. One feature allows them to supervise the comings and goings of their children when they arm and disarm the alarm. This is a great service for parents that have latchkey kids or teenagers who like to come home at different times of the day and night. It is also a great tool for homeowners to use to keep track of workers coming in and out of the home throughout the day. For homeowners that don’t have children, alarm monitoring offers them a chance to get their minds off the safety of their pets while they are away. A monitored home alarm system can protect your pets from an intruder or in the event a fire breaks out in your home when you are not there.

Medical Monitoring & Life Safety Features

Many families these days are caring for their elderly parents or grandparents; or another family member that is home due to a medical issue. Sometimes we can’t be there 24/7 to give them the attention they need. Alarm monitoring can be utilized in these situations by adding medical pendants or medical buttons to our home security systems. This gives our loved ones a sense of security and access to immediate help should a medical emergency arise.

If you have an alarm system in your home and have considered getting it monitored, now is the perfect time to inquire about getting alarm monitoring. Even if you do not know who installed your alarm system, or you do not want to do business with the company that put your alarm system in—many alarm companies can take over your existing system and monitor it through their alarm monitoring center. If you are shopping around for a new home alarm system, ask any potential alarm company about their alarm monitoring services. Alarm monitoring is one of the best services you can get and definitely worth more than the modest monitoring fees that are being charged for the service.

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