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Alarm Companies FAQ

If you have found yourself looking for a new alarm system for your home, there is no doubt you have seen the thousands of alarm companies that are out competing for your business. While many of these alarm companies are great choices, there are a few that stand out from the crowd. If you want to find the right alarm company that is right for you, start here by reading some of the FAQ’s that alarm companies are asked these days. When you contact potential security companies for estimates, ask them some or even all of these questions. Based on the answers the company provides, you can make a secure choice when choosing the best alarm company for your needs.

Is my alarm system considered a lease or do I own it?

While some alarm companies offer “sold installed” alarm systems, others offer alarm systems that are leased. It is important to ask your potential alarm company if your system is leased or if you own it. Most people believe that they own an alarm system because they paid costs upfront for it. They are then surprised to find that the costs were strictly for the installation of the alarm system, or were costs associated with the installation—not for the alarm system itself. Other alarm companies will not charge any installation costs or will charge very little upfront costs in exchange for the customer signing a multi-year monitoring agreement. Leased systems are a great idea if you want to save on upfront costs. Just make sure to ask if the option is open for a buy-out if you plan to keep the system longer than the term of your alarm monitoring contract.

Will the company provide a warranty for my newly installed home alarm system?

Most alarm companies provide warranties for the alarm systems that they install. Alarm systems, just like any electronic, can have immediate technical issues shortly after installation. While it is not common, problems can occur with newly installed alarm systems. If you have a warranty, you are covered. If not, replacement costs for a newly installed alarm system can be costly. Steer clear of alarm companies that do not offer warranties on their newly installed equipment.

Does the alarm company provide maintenance agreements or service contracts?

If you can get away with paying a couple of extra dollars for a maintenance or service agreement—do it! Transmitter batteries and missing magnets are easy to replace and can be done by almost anyone. However, when it comes time to replace a transmitter or rerun a wire—things can get complex. Many alarm companies offer service contracts and it is highly recommended that you get one.

Do you install pet immune motion detectors?

If you have pets in your home, make sure to tell your alarm company representative about them. Alarm companies are aware that many households have pets, and offer pet immune motion detectors installed in homes with them. Pet immune motion detectors make it easy for your pets to roam freely around the protected areas of your home—without causing false alarms in the process.

What happens to my alarm system when I move?

Alarm companies have gotten a lot more flexible with their terms over the years—including moving. Some alarm companies, like ADT for example, offer a Mover’s Security Guarantee. This entitles the homeowner or renter special incentives to secure their new residence with an alarm system. If you plan on moving shortly after your installation, or within two years, make sure to pick only the alarm companies that offer flexibility for movers.

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