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Security in the Workplace

Having a safe and secure workplace is very important. With most people spending at least 8 hours of their day inside of their office, it is important to take the necessary security precautions to ensure the utmost safety. Workplace safety is a team effort. By utilizing the following workplace safety tips, you can help make your workplace environment safe and secure for you and your fellow coworkers.

Communication is important. Everyone in your office should stay in constant communication with one another. For instance, if someone gets a virus on their computer, or their company email was hacked, it is important to let everyone else in the office know what is happening so that they can be on alert. Small situations like that can easily turn into larger security threats.

Also, if there are any potential visitors planning on stopping by the office, it is a good idea to keep everyone informed on who to expect and when.

Consider hiring front desk personnel. Having a person sit at the front desk of your location is a great way to eliminate outsiders walking right into your place of business unannounced. The front desk clerk or receptionist can easily pre-screen anyone that walks in such as existing and potential clients, vendors, or those who wish to bring harm into the location.

Exercise key control. Do not hand out a key to everyone that works in the office. It is recommended that only a few employees be assigned to open and close your location. Those individuals should be the only people with keys to the office. The keys should be labeled and tracked. Upon resignation or termination of any of these employees, it is important to recover the key or keys that were given to them.

Remember, keys are quite easy to copy. Even though you recover an office key from an employee, that doesn’t guarantee that there aren’t any other copies of it out there. In any event, it is still good practice to exercise key control. You want to minimize the number of office keys floating around as much as possible.

Install an access control system. Access control systems offer a better alternative to hard keys in an office environment. Access codes and/or cards can easily be assigned to each employee and can be unassigned just as easily.

An access control system even allows you to assign levels of access for certain employees. For instance, management can have one level of access, such as 24/7 access to all areas of the premises, and support staff can have limited access to only certain areas of the premises and only within specified times.

Make sure there is adequate lighting outside of the building. It is important that all areas of your workplace have adequate lighting, not only inside but outside too. The parking lot, walkways, and all entry points should be well-lit.

If you are renting an office or space in a building or plaza, you may not have control of the outside lighting. If that is the case, you need to get with the building management and come up with a solution to get adequate lighting outside of your workplace.

Install security cameras both indoors and outdoors. Security surveillance systems are great deterrents when it comes to property crimes. Criminals do not want to be caught on camera doing their crimes; therefore, many will move on to another location if they see a camera mounted outside of your business.

If internal theft is a problem, installing indoor cameras will surely cut it down or eliminate it completely. Cameras in the past were quite expensive, but now you can easily get a complete surveillance system for relatively cheap.

Get a security system installed in your business. Not only do security systems deter burglars, they can also detect carbon monoxide leaks and fires. Having portable or stationary holdup buttons in place will get help there fast in an emergency such as an armed robbery or security threat.

Security systems can also be programmed with individual user codes and openings and closings to monitor what employees are coming and going and when.

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