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Pennsylvania is a densely populated state that borders both the Northeastern US and the Mid-Atlantic states. Not surprisingly, its citizens and locales vary widely, as the state is known for both its giant urban centers, particularly Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, as well as its widespread rural areas that run throughout the state. Pennsylvania is an important state for both politics and education. The state’s political split has resulted in it being known as a “swing state” that receives heavy campaigning by presidents. Students flock to higher education centers like the University of Pennsylvania and Carnegie Mellon University. While crime rates in Pennsylvania are not, generally, exceptionally high, they are above the national average in cities like Reading and Allentown. Contact Pennsylvania home security companies today to improve the security of your home or business.

Compare Home Security Companies in Allentown, PA

Allentown, known as the “Queen City,” is the third largest city in Pennsylvania, and the fastest growing city in the state. Allentown is about an hour north of Philadelphia, and only a bit farther away from New York City and other major urban centers. While, historically, Allentown’s populations was largely of German descent, modern Allentown accommodates a population of immense ethnic diversity. Though Allentown has much to offer existing and new residents alike, property crime rates are above average and necessitate the installation of a home security system.

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Compare Home Security Companies in Bethlehem, PA

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, nearby Allentown in Lehigh County, is a moderately-sized town in the eastern half of the state. The town retains a Christian culture, which is not surprising given the Biblical nature of Bethlehem’s name. The town is home to Lehigh University, one of the highest-rated universities in the nation as of 2010. Property crime rates are below the national average in Bethlehem, though citizens can still find many uses for home security systems.

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Compare Home Security Companies in Erie, PA

Erie, Pennsylvania is a city located on the far northwestern corner of the state bordering, quite obviously, Lake Erie. The city has remained a manufacturing center in the state despite a country-wide loss of manufacturing jobs in the 20th century. Thanks to its proximity to Lake Erie, the city has a particularly chilly climate that sees temperatures frequently dip below zero degrees Fahrenheit during the winter. Property crime rates in Erie are fairly close to the national average, but citizens may want to take advantage of home security systems for better protection.

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Compare Home Security Companies in Harrisburg, PA

Pennsylvania’s capital, Harrisburg is a fairly small city the south-central portion of the state. The city has a high percentage of jobs in the federal and state government, which represents about half of the jobs in the state and contributes to the stability of the economy there. Despite the city’s population decline in the latter half of the 20th century, Harrisburg has experienced moderate growth so far in the 21st century. Crime rates in Harrisburg are above the national and state average, so homeowners are certainly encourage to purchase security systems in the city.

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Compare Home Security Companies in Lancaster, PA

Lancaster, Pennsylvania, a city located in the southeastern portion of the state, was briefly the state capital in the early 19th century. More recently, in the late 20th century, the city was affected by high unemployment rates, though additional job were created to counteract this phenomenon. Crime rates in Lancaster are generally high, and many homeowners find that security systems are an essential home accessory.

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Compare Home Security Companies in Levittown, PA

Levittown, Pennsylvania is a census-designated place within the Philadelphia metropolitan area. Levittown began as a planned community in the late 1950s. Besides being a residential community, Levittown is known for having an annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Because Levittown is somewhat exclusive community, the city experiences low crime rates overall. Still, homeowners wishing for the best security can and should invest in home security systems.

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Compare Home Security Companies in Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia is easily Pennsylvania’s biggest city – it’s also the fifth most populous city in the US. Known as “Philly” or the “City of Brotherly Love,” Philadelphia has an identifiable culture that is home to several favorite American foods – the soft pretzel and the cheesesteak sandwich are two. Though the city declined in the latter half of the 20th century with the loss of manufacturing companies, it has bounced back in the 20th century. For a city of its size, Philly has crime rates just slightly above average – citizens are advised to install a home security system for the best home protection possible.

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Compare Home Security Companies in Pittsburgh, PA

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is another large metropolitan city in the state. Though the city was once known as the capital of steel manufacturing in the US, a change in the 1980s in the steel market led to drastic changes in the city’s economy, which now operates as more of a high tech and financial services headquarters. The city also has a rich arts community, particularly for singers in opera and other music. Pittsburgh, similar to Philadelphia, has a moderate crime rate that is about average for a city of its size. Residents will always feel safer if they have a home alarm system installed, however.

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Compare Home Security Companies in Reading, PA

Reading’s early population growth and prosperity were primarily driven by industrial manufacturing, including iron and steel production that built railroads. When these industries collapsed in the 20th century, Reading suffered, but looked to be about to turn itself around before the global recession in 2008. Today, Reading, PA is said to be the poorest city in the nation. Consequently, property crime in Reading is significantly higher than the national average, and homeowners in the city can definitely benefit from installing a home security system.

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Compare Home Security Companies in Scranton, PA

Scranton is a moderately-sized city in central Pennsylvania. Historically a coal mining town, Scranton was once of the fifty largest cities in the nation. Today, the city is still working on revitalization, as the fallout from the loss of the mining industry in the 1950s still affects residents. Scranton is, perhaps, most memorable now for being the setting of the TV show the Office. Property crime in Scranton is about the same or a bit below the national average, but many residents still purchase home security systems for the added convenience.

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