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Missouri is one of the United States’s most central states, both in terms of location and more metaphorically speaking. The population tends to reflect attitudes and traits of both sides of the country, and, politically speaking, is known as a “bellwether state.” Known throughout the US as the “Show Me State,” residents of Missouri are commonly skeptical. Less well known about the state is the prominence of caves, of which there are close to 6,000 caves in the state – a figure second only to Tennessee in the US. Even when compared to many Rust Belt states, Missouri cities have had a hard time adapting to social and economic changes in the US since the mid 20th century, as manufacturing jobs fled cities and wealthy residents migrated to the suburbs. Unfortunately, increased poverty in cities like St. Louis have led to drastic rises in crime rates, eventually leading St. Louis to be declared the “most dangerous city in the country” in the 1990s. For residents of St. Louis and other Missouri cities, contacting Missouri home security companies is strongly supported by crime statistics.

Compare Home Security Companies in Columbia, MO

Columbia is a city located in middle Missouri, which falls nearly equidistant from St. Louis and Kansas City. The presence of the University of Missouri makes Columbia a college town, and the populace, in general is very educated. The university’s football team, the Missouri Tigers, play at one of the largest and most exuberant stadiums in the country. Columbia’s property crime rate is near the national average, though citizens should always consider installing alarm systems to improve their home security.

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Compare Home Security Companies in Independence, MO

Independence is a large suburb of Kansas City, Missouri, with a population of well over 100,000 people. In particular, the city is known as being an important home to various sects of the Mormon religion. Famously, Independence was also the home of former president Harry Truman. Compared to other cities of its size, Independence has some of the highest property crime rates nationally. Home security systems are invaluable in this Midwestern city.

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Compare Home Security Companies in Kansas City, MO

Kansas City is the largest city in the state of Missouri, though St. Louis had twice Kansas City’s current population in 1950. Interestingly enough, Kansas City, Kansas is actually older than the Missouri city. The city’s strong culture is renowned as a home of music, particularly blues, and barbecue, introducing the world to Kansas City barbecue. Crime rates are definitely higher than average in Kansas City, making alarm systems a great investment for homeowners and businesses.

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Compare Home Security Companies in Springfield, MO

Springfield is a relatively large city in southwestern Missouri, a city that has a sizable surrounding metropolitan area. Springfield attracts many young adults, as it is the home of Missouri State University – the second largest university in Missouri. Many people may not be prepared for the city’s windy climate, which has been compared, scientifically speaking, to that of Chicago. Compared to other US cities of its size, Springfield has the highest property crime rates in the nation! Every homeowner in this city should seriously consider install burglar alarms in their homes.

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Compare Home Security Companies in St. Louis, MO

St. Louis was once Missouri’s largest city by far. This independent city maintained a high level of industrial manufacturing through the first half of the 20th century. Today, nearly 20% of the buildings in the city are vacant, though features like the Arch and schools like Washington University in St. Louis still provide a good reason to live in the city. Besides Springfield, St. Louis has the second highest property crime rate in the state, a number that far surpasses national averages. Purchase home security systems to ensure your home is fully protected.

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