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5 Reasons to Install a Home Security System

Install a Home Security SystemOften, people assume that the only reason for installing a home security system is to help protect their homes against intruders. While that may indeed have been the case until a even few years ago, the fact is that there are considerably more reasons for installing such a security system these days. Current generation home security systems are much more sophisticated compared to older systems, and they support a far greater range of alerting services than was available previously. Here are five of the most important reasons to consider a home security system.

Burglar Alarm Monitoring

Obviously, one of the primary reasons why you should install a home security system continues to be for burglar alarm monitoring. Burglar alarm systems can offer substantial peace of mind for homeowners, especially for those living in high-crime areas. Numerous studies have consistently shown that burglars tend to stay away from homes that are protected by home security systems. Most providers of residential protection services offer 24X7 monitoring and fast response times to break-ins and other incidents. They allow homeowners to secure not only the main doors and entrance points to their homes but also basements, bay windows and almost every single entry point into a building. Residential burglar alarm systems are often enabled to directly alert police and other emergency responders at the first sign of an intrusion. The systems are rigged to send audible signals to alert residents of a break-in while also scaring intruders off.

Fire and Smoke Alerting

A home security system often provides a very reliable alerting mechanism in the event of a residential fire or other similar emergency. Modern security systems can be wired to detect home fires and dense smoke and they can be used as a supplement to existing fire alarms. When a smoke detector senses the presence of smoke or fire, the system immediately alerts a service technician while also sounding an audible alarm to alert residents of any danger.

Medical Alerting System

A home security system can provide peace of mind in another very important way. They offer elderly people and those with serious medical conditions a way to live independently in their homes without being worried about being left alone in a medical emergency. Most providers of home security services offer wireless devices that subscribers can wear around their wrists or neck. In an emergency, all that the consumer has to do is to press a button on the wireless device to initiate a two-way conversation with a system monitoring professional. In a medical emergency, the company that is providing the home security service can quickly alert first responders to dispatch an ambulance and medical personnel.

Flood Detection

A growing number of home security system providers have begun offering services that can help homeowners protect their property against water damage. The services are enabled via sensors that are installed in a basement or other low-lying area within a home. The sensors are designed to detect flooding in an enclosed area and to quickly alert the homeowner as well as fire responders about the situation.

Carbon Monoxide Detection

Numerous people die each year as the result of carbon monoxide poisoning. The gas is color less and odor less and can often be present especially in homes with older heating systems and furnaces. Many states currently mandate the use of carbon monoxide detectors in homes because of the threat it poses to people. A home security system can be set up to alert residents as well as emergency personnel if there are any increases in the level of carbon monoxide inside a home.

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