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Whether you want to protect your home from intruders or from a fire, there are home security products available to help you with whatever need you might have. And since technology is constantly evolving, there are new and improved home security products being introduced to the market every day. While some products are available to the public, many of them are offered exclusively to home security companies. So if it is a wireless keypad or a talking key fob that you want, you may find the best deals by getting them through a reputable home security company. Here are just a few of the many home security products being offered today:

  • Alarm Keypads
    Now you have more options available when it comes to keypads. Gone are the days of the basic plain beige or white keypads with little to no options. Nowadays, there are keypads that not only have a nice appearance, but have tons of advanced options. There are now color options available too such as chrome and black that will match almost any decor. Voice keypads are also being offered as well as touch screen keypads. There are also many features that these advanced home security products offer such as one touch arming, voice messaging mailboxes for each family member, ability to control several lights in your home, and so much more. Chimes on the different keypads can also vary.
  • Alarm Key Fobs
    Wireless key fobs are also very handy home security products to have. They have an appearance of a car remote and can be carried around with you in your pocket or a purse. Key fobs not only offer you the ability to arm and disarm your alarm system from outside of your home, but they can be programmed with an emergency panic button on them. This feature offers extra protection should you become approached outside of your home and need help.
  • Alarm Control Panel
    An alarm control panel is the brains of any home security system. Without a control panel, there is no alarm system. There are different types of control panels on the market. Some control panels have only hardwired capabilities, while others have both. This is by far the most import piece of home security equipment that is involved in an alarm installation. Alarm control panels are mounted inside of a control box for protection.
  • Control Panel Battery & Backup Battery
    Control panel batteries, or back-up batteries, are installed with a home security system and can be found in the main control box that houses the alarm control panel. Back-up batteries are there to power an alarm system in the event of a power failure. Stores that sell home security equipment often carry back-up batteries. Replacing a control battery can be tricky, and if done incorrectly, could damage your alarm control panel. Back-up battery replacement sounds easy but is best left in the hands of the professionals.
  • Alarm Transformer
    Another important piece of home security equipment is an alarm transformer. An alarm transformer is plugged into an outlet and is what gives your alarm system power to operate.
  • Alarm Glass Break Sensors & Shock Sensors
    If you are worried about someone breaking your windows, consider adding shock sensors or glass break detectors to your alarm system. These home security products are a great addition to home security systems and offer premier protection. Alarm glass break detectors detect the sound of broken glass, while shock sensors detect shock waves from glass being shattered. Both types of home security products will add a layer of protection to your home security system.
  • Motion Detectors
    There are a range of motion detectors on the home security equipment market today. Some can detect movement while others look for body heat. Nowadays, most home security companies install dual-technology motion detectors. These types of motion detectors utilize a combination of technologies. To homeowners with pets, pet immune motion detectors are chosen to reduce false alarms, and are an example of what a dual technology motion detector is.
  • Pet Immune Motion Detectors
    One of the most popular home security products on the market today are motion detectors. Motion detectors got a bad rap in the past for false alarm issues. This was because earlier models did not have the capability to distinguish the difference between a pet and a human. False alarms became a big problem and were caused by pets walking in front of motion detectors while their owners were away. In the past several years, the home security product industry came out with pet immune (PI) motion detectors. Not only do these advanced home security products offer reliable coverage, they offer homeowners a way to keep the interior of their home protected without the worry of false alarms being caused by their pets.
  • Medical Emergency Buttons and Pendants
    Believe it or not, medical emergency buttons and pendants are not just for the elderly. These delicate pieces of home security equipment can be used by anyone, young or old, who may need access to immediate medical attention. With a press of a button, an alarm monitoring company will be made aware that there is a medical emergency at your residence and will immediately have help on the way.
  • Smoke Detectors
    The most important piece of home security equipment to have in any home is a smoke detector. We all know that fires can occur at any given time and can destroy everything in its path in a matter of minutes. Although you can purchase smoke detectors almost anywhere these days, the best type of smoke detectors to get are the ones that are installed by the professionals and monitored 24 hours per day by a qualified alarm monitoring company.
  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors
    Nearly thousands of people die every year due to carbon monoxide poisoning. Because carbon monoxide is both odorless and invisible, it is quite easy for even high levels of this gas to go undetected in a home. Simple and inexpensive home security equipment such as carbon monoxide detectors can easily be mounted in your home and monitored so that you can be notified once the carbon monoxide levels in your home show higher than normal. If you customize your alarm system with home security equipment that can offer life-safety benefits, you can feel confident knowing that help will be there should a fire, carbon monoxide leak, or medical emergency occur in your home.

There are many home security products on the market—in fact, too many to mention. Many of these products are not only affordable, but they offer convenience and security for your home. Keep in mind that a security company may offer their own line of home security products, so some items mentioned might be exclusive to a certain company.

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