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Home Automation Companies

Home Automation Companies

Home automation companies help consumers build a smart home. Such companies specialize in helping homeowners centralize and automate the control of lighting, heating, air conditioning and home security sub systems. Most of the larger home automation companies offer both products and professional services to help consumers integrate HA products in new homes as well as in existing homes.

Whole Home Automation Specialists

Home automation companies fall into several broad categories. Some firms specialize in whole house automation products and services. Companies in this category can help you automate your lighting, heating, entertainment, and security systems. A whole house automation vendor can help you implement a single system for centrally managing audio and video systems, environmental and lighting systems, video surveillance systems and intercom communications in different areas of your home.

Security Systems Automation

Other home automation companies, meanwhile, specialize in automating specific sub-systems within your home. For example, some companies might specialize in automating access control systems. Companies in this category will be able to help you deploy surveillance systems and wireless intrusion sensors that are capable of monitoring your home and instantly reporting any incidents back to you on your cell phone or computer. Many companies in this category will give you capabilities for managing security systems over the Internet.

Entertainment Systems Automation Companies

Many home automation companies specialize in automating control of distributed entertainment systems around your home. Such companies can help you deploy a single centralized system for remotely controlling all your audio and your video systems from anywhere within the house, and even outside it. You can use such companies to build an integrated management and diagnostic console to control your Blu-ray systems, gaming systems, as well as your video and audio systems.

Lighting Control Systems Companies

Another area where home automation companies offer specialized services is in lighting systems control. Companies offering such services can help you implement home automation systems with intelligent energy-saving capabilities including timed on and off, intelligent dimming and IP-enabled remote management capabilities. Many people who want to integrate automation technologies in their homes begin with lighting systems, so companies that specialize in this category are often in high-demand.

Home Automation Integration Specialists

Most companies that offer home automation products and services can help you regardless of whether you want the technology integrated into a new home or into one that is already built. In fact, there is a whole sub-category of vendors who specialize in helping homeowners retrofit their homes with automation technology. Companies in this category usually use off-the-shelf automation components as well as pre-configured and flexible automation controllers to help homeowners automate control of their major sub systems.

Internet-Enabled Automation

Many home automation firms these days also offer IP-enabled technologies and services that let you manage your major home subsystems over the Internet. The technologies offer web-based access and administration of home lighting, heating, entertainment, and security systems. With such systems, you can control your intelligent home from anywhere in the world.

Automation Companies for Every Need

The growing availability and affordability of home automation technologies has made it possible for almost any homeowner to convert their homes into futuristic smart homes. Before deploying the technologies, though, it is a good idea to assess you requirements and budget and also set a firm goal for yourself in terms of what you want to accomplish. Home automation specialists often recommend that the best way to implement automation technologies is to do it in a phased manner. You can choose to automate your home on a subsystem by subsystem basis, or on a room by room basis. Whatever option you choose, you will find home automation companies that can help you deploy the technology in quick and efficient manner.

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