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Hi-Tech Home Alarm Systems Offer Peace of Mind and Convenience for Frequent Travelers

When you travel a lot, you worry about your home and all of your valuables that you leave behind while you are gone. Today’s home alarm systems not only protect the things that matter most to you; they also offer convenient options that can make your life easier, whether you are at home or away.

Remote Access: Did you forget to turn on your alarm system before you left for your trip? You can confirm whether or not you did by logging in and checking the status of your home alarm from anywhere that you have internet access. Some home alarm systems even offer Apps for the Android, iPhone, or BlackBerry that make remote arming and disarming your home alarm easier than ever.

Event Notifications: You do not need to wonder if your pet sitter came in and fed your pets while you were gone because your home alarm will text or email you any time they enter or leave your home. In fact, most hi-tech home alarm systems will allow you to customize your email and text alerts for just about any event. Want to be alerted when your home loses power? You can be notified on that event too.

Video Options: The next best thing to home alarm systems is video surveillance systems. But why not have them both? Integrating the security cameras in your home with your alarm system would allow you to see what is going on in your home in real-time. You can simply log in to your system and check in on your home 24/7, or you can opt to have video clips emailed or sent via text to you as they occur. The choice is yours.

Home Automation Benefits: Some of the best home alarm systems around are the systems that allow for home automation integration. Not only does home automation help you conserve energy in your home, it can also help deter burglars. Home alarm systems that offer home automation benefits allow users the ability to control the lighting, temperature, and small appliances in their residence whether they are home or away.

Cellular Alarm Monitoring: If you are a frequent traveler, odds are that you do not have an active phone line in your home. Cellular alarm monitoring is a convenient and highly reliable way to have your alarm system monitored without the need of a traditional analog phone line. A cellular radio can be added to most of the newer home alarm systems, and many alarm companies even offer systems with a cellular link already built in.

If you are a person that travels often, you need to secure your home with a quality alarm system. Besides burglary protection, you can customize your new home alarm to do so much more. And as you can see, today’s sophisticated home alarm systems provide much more than security, they also offer convenience and peace of mind for those who travel frequently.

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