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Electronic Article Surveillance Business Protection

Electronic Article SurveillanceIn today’s difficult economic climate, it’s become more necessary than ever before to install business security systems to prevent losses incurred due to theft and other forms of criminal activity. For most retailers, shoplifting is a huge concern, and if left unchecked, can easily end up costing a company thousands of dollars in losses each year. However, surveillance equipment and alarm systems are often expensive, and skilled criminals know all the tricks of the trade when it comes to getting around common security measures. One of the best alternatives to help protect against loss is electronic article surveillance, a monitoring tag actually attached to each item, alerting security if a customer attempts to leave the area with merchandise still containing the tag.

Reduce Theft & Increase Sales

When used in conjunction with more traditional closed circuit television surveillance systems, the results are impressive, cutting down on incidents of shoplifting by nearly 60%. While there’s no 100% effective technique to deter shoplifting out there, electronic article surveillance makes it extremely difficult, sending would-be criminals in search of easier targets. In addition to lowering the rate of shoplifting, adding electronic article surveillance tags to merchandise is an easy way for store owners to help keep track of inventory, increase sales, and help the store room run more efficiently.

Electronic article surveillance tags come in a variety of options, the most popular being hard, detachable tags that are connected to each item, and must be removed by a store employee. These tags are a favorite among retailers because they are difficult to remove from items such as clothing without the proper tool, and without causing damage to the items. Another common type of tag is a small paper tag, often in the form of a sticker, that must be scanned at the register in order to deactivate. In both situations, if the tag is not properly deactivated, an alarm will sound when the customer walks through the exit gates of the store, alerting personnel to the theft.

Tags are also available that, if improperly removed, damage the stolen merchandise, making it of no value to the person stealing it. Some include deterrents such as ink, which will not only permanently stain the item, but also the skin, making it difficult for a thief to hide his transgression. Whichever you choose, electronic article surveillance tags are among the best way to protect a full range of items, reducing the impact of your losses on your company’s monthly budget.

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