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Electronic Access Control Systems

Electronic Access Control
When a business has a properly installed and monitored security system in it, a business owner can sleep better at night knowing that the premises is protected from intruders. An electronic access control system can also help protect a company during non-business hours, but the main benefits of having such a system installed are experienced during normal hours of operation; when it is business as usual.

Here are just a few reasons why many companies, both large and small, install electronic access control systems, and why you should consider installing one in your business too:

Secure Perimeter Doors

Know who is coming through the doors of your facility at all times. While most businesses anticipate mail and product deliveries to come in all throughout the day, a good percentage of unexpected visits can be cut down or even eliminated with the use of a professionally installed electronic access control system.

You will no longer need to worry about solicitors dropping in unannounced, reps from competing companies stopping in to see what you are up to, disgruntled ex-employees coming by to start trouble, or armed intruders coming in to hold up the business or cause harm to any employees, when you have an electronic access control system installed in your facility.

Manage Employee Access

Certain areas of a business may be off-limits to unauthorized members of the staff. This could be a vault, cash room, server room, or an area where sensitive information, money, jewelry, or other high security merchandise is kept. Instead of keeping these areas under lock and key, installing an electronic access control system would be the more secure way to go.

Depending on the access levels that are assigned to employees, you can allow them access to high-security areas 24/7, only on certain days, or even only at certain times. Those employees that you do not want entering high-security areas will not be able to do so if they are not programmed in as authorized users. With an electronic access control system, you control who can get in secured areas of your business and when.

Integrate With Other Protective Systems

Fire alarms play an important role in keeping both the business and all occupants inside of the facility safe. Many of the latest electronic access control systems can be integrated with a facility’s existing fire alarm for added security. For example, if a fire alarm should trip, the system can be programmed to automatically unlock all doors so that the occupants in the building can get out quickly and safely.

Many electronic access control systems also have the capability to be integrated with a company’s existing burglar alarm and/or CCTV system. By integrating an access control system with a CCTV system, you will have the opportunity to view real-time video when someone is at a protected area of the premise, or you can view pre-recorded video should you need to verify prior activity. The choice is yours.

It’s important to keep in mind that electronic access control systems do just that: limit and monitor access to a facility. They do not prevent break-ins. Therefore, for the utmost security, integrating a burglar alarm system with an electronic access control system is highly recommended.

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