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Compare Home Security Systems

One of the top questions most people ask when they begin to compare home security systems is whether a hardwired security system is cheaper than a wireless system is. There really is no clear-cut answer to this question. In fact, there are many factors that need to be considered when pricing a security system for a home, as you will see below.

Hardwired or Wireless?

Keep in mind as you compare home security systems that prices between the two types of systems are actually quite comparable. It’s everything else that goes along with an alarm system that affects the pricing, such as how many devices you choose and how those devices will be installed. Before you compare home security systems, it helps to have an idea of how much coverage you need so you know more or less how many devices you may be required to purchase.

Hardwired security alarm installations can get quite complex and are best left in the hands of the professionals. When you compare home security systems, keep in mind that having a professional install a hardwired system may not come cheap, but paying a pro to install your new hardwired system for you will ensure that the installation is done correctly and your home alarm will work when you need it most.

As you start to compare home security systems, you may notice that many more alarm companies are offering wireless alarm installations over hardwired installations. Most wireless alarm installations go in easier and quicker than hardwired installations do, which generally results in lower labor costs if a professional is doing the installation. Knowing this information will make it easy for you to compare home security systems, wireless versus hardwired.

Hybrid Home Security Alarm Systems

Security systems that are capable of using hardwired and wireless devices are known as hybrid alarm systems. Hybrid alarm systems are very popular these days, and for good reason. If you want both hardwired and wireless devices in your home, a hybrid home security alarm system would be a great option.

Some individuals choose to go hardwired all throughout their home, and then they add wireless devices in areas where running wire may not be feasible. Others choose to protect their home with a completely hardwired system, but select the hybrid panel in order to take advantage of wireless options such as key fobs and portable panic buttons. Hybrid panels are offered by many home security companies and can be the perfect solution for those who just cannot decide what type of home security alarm system they want in their home, hardwired or wireless.

What Home Alarm System is the Right Choice for You?

Both systems do a great job at providing security to a home; however, not all home alarm systems will work the same for everyone. It is important when deciding on a security system for your home that you evaluate your individual circumstances.

  • Are you renting a home? If so, wireless home alarm systems are ideal for renters.
  • Do you want special features such as a wireless panic button or medical button? Choose wireless.
  • Do you want proven durability and longevity? Consider a hardwired home alarm system.
  • Is your home currently under construction? Many builders and home security companies pre-wire home alarm systems in new construction homes quite frequently. This eliminates many worries associated with running wires in the home after the walls are closed up.

Can’t Decide?

When you cannot decide whether you should go wireless or install a hardwired alarm system, consider having a hybrid alarm system installed in your home. What is a hybrid alarm system? Hybrid systems have the capability to utilize both wired and wireless devices on them. Home alarm systems such as the hybrid system make an excellent choice for those wanting the reliability of a hardwired security system, but enjoy having the flexibility that wireless alarm systems offer.

Of course, having any alarm system installed in a home is 100% better than having no alarm system at all. It is nice to have options and today’s home alarm systems offer more features and options than ever before.

DIY or Use a Professional?

Now that you know how to compare home security systems, you may ask yourself if you should install your new alarm system on your own or have a professional alarm installer do it for you. DIY home alarms are inexpensive and make a great option for those who want to tackle the project of securing their home on their own, but a DIY alarm install isn’t a project for everyone—even a simple DIY wireless alarm installation.

If you have chosen to compare home security systems to find the lowest price on a system to secure your home with, a DIY home alarm may just be your best option. However, if you feel more comfortable having your new system installed by a professional, don’t settle on a DIY option just because it is the lowest priced. Take more time out to compare home security systems and you will surely find one to fit both your needs and your budget.

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