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California, an immense state that is home to both Hollywood and Silicon Valley, is generally regarded as a safe state to live in. However, due to its warm weather and high property values, the state is still targeted by criminals. Specifically, cities like Fresno, Bakersfield, and Oakland have high rates of burglary and larceny, making home security systems a valuable purchase in the California.

Compare Home Security Companies in Anaheim, CA

For decades, Anaheim was largely an agricultural city full of citrus trees. Then, the opening of Disneyland in 1955 changed the city, making it the resort center of California. As a popular tourist destination, the city has flourished, and crime rates remain particularly low for the city. Though, the rapid influx of transients and tourists from all over the world might home alarm installations.

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Compare Home Security Companies in Bakersfield, CA

Bakersfield, similar to Fresno, is a major inland city in California that heavily relies on agriculture and industrial services. Its consistently warm, sunny weather make it a perfect place for farmers. Unfortunately, the recession has hit the job market hard, and crime rates are unusually high for a California city. Home alarms are advised for residents that want additional security and safety.

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Compare Home Security Companies in Fresno, CA

Fresno has long been home to a vast agricultural system, despite being a fairly dry, hot climate. Its location in central California places it near to several large parks, including Yosemite National Park and the Sierra National Forest. Unlike many other major California cities, burglary is a potential threat, and, as a result, Fresno residents may want to purchase a home alarm system.

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Compare Home Security Companies in Long Beach, CA

Long Beach, California is a part of the Los Angeles metro area. Long Beach is central to US and international shipping, including container shipping. Though the city has a relatively low crime rate in regards to burglary and larceny, many residents choose to purchase alarm systems to enjoy improved home security.

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Compare Home Security Companies in Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles, the City of Angels, is a major urban center home to nearly 4 million people, making it the second most populous city in the US. Despite its large population, Los Angeles ranks near the bottom of populated cities in terms of burglaries and larcenies. For many high priced-homes in the area, it’s still a priority to install a home security system today.

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Compare Home Security Companies in Oakland, CA

Like Long Beach, Oakland is a major shipping port in California, though it is located far to the north in the San Francisco Bay area. The city is home to the legendary Oakland Raiders football team. Despite its economic importance, Oakland has a higher burglary rate than many large Californian cities. It may be important for residents to consider installing a home security system today!

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Compare Home Security Companies in Sacramento, CA

Sacramento is the capital city of California, and the sixth largest city in the state. A vast majority of state agencies are based in the city, making it the largest employer in Sacramento. Like Fresno, burglaries are of moderate concern to residents, and can be prevented with the installation of burglar alarms and security monitoring.

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Compare Home Security Companies in San Diego, CA

Some people may call San Diego the perfect city, with its mild weather year-round, pleasant sights, and bounty of attractions, including a world-famous zoo. Not to mention, San Diego has some of the lowest crime rates in the state. Contacting home alarm companies in San Diego still has the benefits of providing additional safety and security for your family.

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Compare Home Security Companies in San Francisco, CA

San Francisco is known for being a home to many dedicated artists and entrepreneurs. Tourists flock to see Chinatown, the Golden Gate bridge, and the historic cable cars. Though the city’s larceny rate remains low, burglaries are of moderate concern in San Francisco. Residents without security readily available in their apartment, condo, or house may need an alarm system for safety.

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Compare Home Security Companies in San Jose, CA

Thanks to its booming reputation as the capital of Silicon Valley, San Jose has grown quickly – it’s now the third largest city in California. Skyrocketing home values and incomes indicate the high level of prosperity, and, consequently, crime rates are the lowest in the state. Still, home security systems can protect high priced valuables from professional thieves looking for a big heist.

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