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Business Security Systems FAQ

To most people, their business is their livelihood. Business security systems are by far the best way to keep your company safe and secure when you are not there to protect it. If something were to happen to their business such as a burglary, it can not only hurt financially, but emotionally as well. If you are interested in the peace of mind a business security system can offer your business, you will want to read further.

Listed below are just a few frequently asked questions—but common questions that security companies are asked by business owners just like you, who are not only looking for a way to keep their business secure, but their employees safe as well.

How much do typical business security systems cost?

There are many security systems on the market today that can do an effective job at keeping your business safe from armed robberies, burglars, fires, and even internal theft. Most security companies will offer to come out to your business to go over your security needs and concerns. The best thing to do is to get a written estimate from a few security companies and base your decision by their prices and services offered.

I have a store that operates to the public 24/7. I worry about the safety of my employees during those times. Will a business security system help my situation?

Yes, not only do business security systems offer security to employees who work in establishments that are open 24/7, they help employees feel safer. Consider getting a security system installed and monitored in your business that includes hold-up buttons. When pressed, hold-up buttons will alert an alarm monitoring center that immediate assistance is needed. You may want to ask about installing a business surveillance system as well. Security cameras not only add peace of mind, but they are a huge crime deterrent.

How can I keep track of my employees coming in and out of the office when I am not there?

Many business security systems can be programmed with a feature called openings and closings. Basically, every time the alarm is armed and disarmed, it will log into your account. By offering each employee their own code, you can see who opened or closed, and at what time. Openings and closings are a popular feature among business owners today. Another way to see what is going on at your business when you are not there is by having surveillance cameras installed. Some security companies offer surveillance systems with remote viewing. This allows you to view the cameras in your office from anywhere in the world—as long as you have a high-speed internet connection.

How can I add limited access to certain offices within my business?

You have a few options here. Many business security systems can be programmed to partition out certain areas of your business. You can then have a keypad installed at each office area for access. Only people that you give a code to can access these areas. Another way you can do it is by adding an access control system to your business. Access control systems are not only effective at limiting access to sensitive areas of your business, they can be also be an effective business management tool.

There are many ways to keep your business secure. If access control, surveillance systems, and business security systems sound too complicated for you—they really aren’t. We’ve done our research and can put you in touch with security companies that can help you with your business security plan. By filling out a short and simple form at the top of the page, we can connect you with some of the best security companies in the business. You can then discuss your security concerns and benefits of business security systems even further.

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