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Business Security Equipment & Products

Business security equipment is essential for every business owner who wants to safeguard employees and company documents, trade secrets, customer data. Companies loose millions of dollars due to a lack of business security products each year, meaning these losses are highly preventable. Alarm companies like ADT have experience installing professional-grade security systems and other equipment. Contact us to get a free quote for business security equipment from trusted companies.

  • Electronic Access Control Systems
    Electronic access control systems are used to grant entry to various rooms and systems inside a business. Owners can employ access control systems to prevent workers without clearance from entering restricted areas, or receive notifications when employees arrive and depart the building.
  • Anti-Skim Devices
    Anti-skim devices are generally provided by security companies to banking and other financial services. Anti-skim devices prevent “skimming,” a crime which involves stealing someone’s credit card or debit card information via an ATM, usually via the attachment of an external device, known as a skimmer, to the machine.
  • Electronic Article Surveillance
    Electronic article surveillance is a security procedure that prevents or alerts retailers when an item is being stolen from a store. The prevailing method utilizes tags to track merchandise.
  • Intrusion Detection
    Intrusion detection involves the use of a variety of devices designed to notify business owners of when an intruder attempts to enter your property. Devices used to detect intruders include motion sensors, surveillance cameras, glass break sensors, and more.
  • Motion Sensor
    Motion sensors use infrared, microwave, or even optical technology to detect unusual motion on the premises of a home or business. Modern technology has improved its capabilities, as fewer false alarms are caused by animals.
  • Glass Break Detector
    Glass break detectors use acoustic detection to determine when a window has been broken in a home or business. Because the alarm is triggered upon hearing a specific pitch, false alarms can and do occur, though some devices minimize these occurrences.
  • Video Surveillance Systems
    Video surveillance systems use modern cameras to record videos designed to catch criminals in the act. In particular, this technology is useful for retailers and other businesses in need of evidence to prosecute thieves. Video surveillance systems use night vision technology to record at night, and DVRs to store extensive video records.
  • Surveillance Cameras
    Surveillance cameras are often connected to closed-circuit television systems (CCTVs). Many surveillance cameras require constant monitoring by a security department, though some systems may use DVRs to story digital recordings.
  • Types of Security Cameras
    Security cameras use several different format standards to capture and record security videos. Most modern security cameras are attached to a DVR, which stores standard resolution video tapes. Older cameras still require constant monitoring on CCTVs. The latest cameras utilize motion detection and IP technology that stores high definition digital video backups via network attached storage devices.
  • Fire Alarms
    Commercial fire alarms are mandatory for use in all commercial buildings in most states. Security companies can provide fire alarms with installation and 24/7 monitoring, often as part of a standard package.
  • Fire Sprinkler Systems
    Commercial fire sprinkler systems, like fire alarms, are mandatory for use in commercial buildings in a majority of states. Fire sprinkler systems go a step further than fire alarms in that they actively attempt to extinguish fires, potentially saving lives and company property.
  • Smoke Detectors & Smoke Alarms
    Smoke detectors and smoke alarms commonly use photoelectric smoke sensors to detect inordinate levels of smoke in the air. In business security systems, these detectors will be integrated into fire alarms and sprinklers.
  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors
    Carbon monoxide detectors are used in businesses and residences to detect dangerous levels of the colorless, odorless gas known as carbon monoxide. Businesses may use these to detect excess carbon monoxide emitted from space and water heaters, as well as blocked chimneys.
  • Radon Detector
    Radon detectors are used in homes and commercial buildings to detect hazardous levels of radon, a radioactive gas that causes lung cancer from prolonged exposure. Radon detection is uncommon, but dangerous levels may be present in mountainous areas.
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