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Alarm System Monitoring Simplified With ADT Pulse

Over the years, alarm system monitoring has allowed individuals the freedom to leave their homes unattended without the worry of coming home and being surprised to find it was burglarized while they were gone. The concept is quite simple: if an alarm triggers, a monitoring center gets the signal and notifies the police and the homeowner right away. This has been, and still is, a great way to provide alarm system monitoring for a home.

However, with technology comes many advancements, and with ADT Pulse now on the market, the way you view alarm system monitoring is all about to change.

Stay Connected to Your Home at All Times

Alarm system monitoring is simple with ADT Pulse. In addition to an alarm monitoring company calling to let you know they received an alarm signal from your home, you can also have the option to receive an email and/or text alert notifying you of the situation.

If you have ADT surveillance cameras installed in your home and connected in with your Pulse system, you can easily view live video feed from your home to see exactly what is going on. You can do this by logging in to your personalized ADT security online command center via your web-enabled cell phone or computer. There is even an app for ADT Pulse as well.

By having the capability to view live video footage from your home after the alarm system monitoring company notifies you of an alarm signal, you can help cut down on unnecessary false alarm calls. When families go away, especially on vacation, there are house sitters, pet sitters, cleaning personnel, and family members who may come into the home during that time.

These individuals may not be accustomed to getting in and out of the home within a specified delay time; not realizing that if they do not, the alarm is going to trip and the alarm system monitoring company will be calling. Some simply do not remember their alarm codes, ultimately resulting in false alarms.

False alarms take precious time away from alarm system monitoring companies and police officers that could be using their efforts on situations that are more important. Being able to tell if it is a pet sitter or an actual burglar tripping your home alarm system is a great help to the authorities and to the alarm system monitoring companies.

Keep Track of Who Is Coming in Your Home When You Are Not There

Whenever the alarm is armed or disarmed with an alarm code, you can opt to receive an email and/or text alert to let you know. You can even log on to your personalized ADT Pulse online command center to view this information at your leisure. This alarm system monitoring service is available with ADT Pulse and is especially beneficial for latchkey kids and their families.

Parents will not only know their children have arrived home safely from school when the alarm system is armed and disarmed, they can actually see them by viewing the cameras inside of their home, if they have their cameras linked in with their ADT Pulse service.

Besides the alarm system monitoring options that ADT Pulse offers, there are many more benefits to the service, such as remote arming and disarming, lighting and temperature control, and so much more.

To find out more about ADT Pulse, or if you are interested in learning more about alarm system monitoring services in general, fill out the simple form here on our site to connect with security specialists that can help you with your home security needs.

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