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Alarm System Monitoring FAQ

This year, 1 out of every 6 homeowners will fall victim to a home burglary. By having home alarm system monitoring in your home, you are significantly decreasing your chances of becoming another burglary statistic. Listed below are a few common questions that are being asked by people just like you who are interested in alarm system monitoring and how it works.

Who will be providing the alarm monitoring?

Many times the company installing your alarm system is not the company that will actually be providing the alarm system monitoring services. Companies such as ADT and some of the larger security companies have their own monitoring centers. In fact some of these companies have several of their own alarm monitoring centers. Some smaller alarm companies also provide their own alarm monitoring as well. It is important to know who is monitoring your alarm, so don’t forget to ask.

Does the alarm system monitoring center have an emergency plan in place in the event of a disaster or other types of critical emergencies?

You may live in a state that is experiencing beautiful weather, but your monitoring center may be located in another state that is experiencing massive blackouts and snow storms. Alarm monitoring centers require dedicated phone lines, computers, special software, and other important devices that require power to operate. Most monitoring companies will have stand-by generators for short term power losses. However, if yours doesn’t—you can have an interruption in your alarm system monitoring services.

Are the monitoring center employees specially trained to handle alarm signals?

This is a question that you should ask any potential alarm system monitoring company. You want to make sure that anyone who is providing home security to your family and watching over your belongings is trained to do so. If an emergency does arise at your home, you want someone who is fast, efficient, and capable of handling your situation.

Can I have alarm system monitoring even if I don’t have a phone line installed in my home?

If you would have asked this question years ago, the answer would be NO. However, there have been so many advancements in home security technology and one of them is cellular radio monitoring. You no longer need to pay for an analog phone line in your home just to have alarm system monitoring. You can have it monitored via cellular radio. Many companies offer cellular monitoring ,and it is by far one of the fastest and most reliable forms of alarm transmission today.

I am a renter. Can I still have my security system monitored?

Yes, of course! Just because you do not own your apartment or home, doesn’t mean you don’t want to protect it. Renters have family, belongings, and valuables that they want to protect—just like homeowners do. Actually, renters should be even more concerned with protecting their home with 24 hour alarm system monitoring than homeowners. Burglars like to target renters because they think a renter will not take certain security precautions for their rental—like getting a monitored alarm system.

I have an existing alarm system in my home but it is currently not being monitored. How can I get alarm system monitoring again?

Easy. If you do not know who was previously monitoring the alarm system in your home, most control panels will have a number to call for the monitoring center affixed to the outside of the box. If there is not one there, don’t give up. Many home security companies may be able to monitor your alarm system—even if they did not install it. Some home security companies even offer specials to new customers that choose to have their alarm system monitoring done through their company.

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