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ADT Buys Brinks Home Security/Broadview Security

It has been announced that Tyco International, the company that owns ADT, has acquired Brinks Home Security. This is big news in the home security industry and even bigger news to the millions of ADT and Brinks Home Security/Broadview Security customers all over North America. Although this acquisition was just recently announced, questions are already swirling. ADT customers want to know if their services will be affected, and of course the over 1.3 million Broadview Security customers are waiting to see if this will affect their services too.

Security Protection & Service Expected to Improve

If Brinks Home Security changing their name sounds all too familiar to you, that’s because it is. Less than one year ago, in June 2009, The Brinks Company made an announcement that Brinks Home Security would become Broadview Security. While many customers were concerned about this change, they embraced it because Brinks Home Security vowed to offer the same great service that they have been providing their customers since 1995—regardless of their name change. Most Brinks Home Security customers would agree that they did live up to their promise. In fact, Broadview Security has not only kept their commitment to providing excellent customer service and superior home security, but they also increased their customer database since becoming Broadview Security as well. Will they perform as good as they have been once they start operating under the ADT name? Many feel they will. In fact, many people believe they will only get better.

ADT is one of the most recognized names in the security industry today and their numbers prove it. With over 7.4 million satisfied commercial and residential customers in the US, they have proven they are a leader in the industry, and a force to be reckoned with. The acquisition of Brinks/Broadview Security can only make ADT a stronger company.

Choose from Even More State-of-the-Art Products

Both ADT and Broadview Security each have something unique to offer to their customers. By combining both companies, customers can benefit by having access to all these unique features. Features that have made both of these companies the leaders in the home security industry all of these years. ADT and Brinks Security also offer some of the latest and the most state-of-the-art products to their customers, sometimes making it hard for potential customers to choose between the two.

Now there is no need to choose. Broadview Security will start operating under the ADT name in the near future. When it does, if you are a current Broadview Security customer, you can be assured the company will keep you abreast to any changes that will be happening. If you are an ADT customer, you can feel secure knowing that a company with a rich history will be joining forces with your chosen home security company. If you are not an ADT or a Brinks Home Security customer, what are you waiting for? ADT and Broadview Security becoming one will make for one of the best home security company choices out there.

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